Custom Made Copper Panels, Water-Color Paper Panels & Oil Primed Linen Canvases 

We make Copper Panels made of 99% pure copper, not cheap etching copper, with Impurities.  These are filed, buffed and mounted on wood strips if desired.  We have Balsam Medium and Transparent Oil Colors for Painting.....


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We also make Primed Linen Canvases, stretched and ready to paint on.  Small sizes can be shipped, larger sized for local artists


We carried outstanding quality portrait linen

PORTRAIT LINEN  85in. / $65.00 a yard


HERRINGBONE "TWILL"  84in. / $65.00 a yard


# 1-B  LINEN  81in. / $65.00 a yard 


# 1-L  LINEN  55in. / $48.00 a yard


#167-B ROUGH LINEN 84in./ $65 a yard


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